Studia ad Orientem Antiquum

Studia ad Orientem Antiquum (SOA) Eski yakındoğu ile ilgili hazırlanmış kapsamlı bilimsel araştırmaların yayınlandığı bir dizidir. SOA dizisinden şimdiye kadar “Hitit Kralı II. Muwatalli: Kişiliği ve İcraatı Filolojik Belgeler Işığında – Meltem Doğan-Alparslan” ve “Allianoi Tıp Aletleri – Daniş Baykan” olmak üzere iki çalışma yayınlanmıştır.


Studia ad Orientem Antiquum - SOA 2 -
Medical Tools of Allianoi
- Daniş Baykan

Localized at PaşaIlıcası, north of district Bergama within the province of Izmir, Allianoi is now lying under the waters of Yortanlı Irrigation Dam Lake. Giving important information on typology and technology of ancient medical tools, history of medicine and the relationship between the settlement and health, the Allianoi medical tools,because they are superior in variety and numbers when compared with other contexts, they shed light on problems of Anatolian medical tools in terms of type, distribution and origin and contribute to numerical data.The recovered medical tools in Allianoi excavations were analyzed in terms typology, function and context. For the first time, medical tools unearthed in an Anatolian settlement were analyzed in relation with their discovery of origin.Covering my doctorate thesis, some sections and images are simplified in this work, while some additions are made after 2009. In this study, diseases and medical response methods of the Roman period were analyzed and medical tools unearthed in Allianoi excavations were classified. Apart from bronze – the usual material used to make medical tools – iron tools were also included in this study. Hence, it is hoped to contribute to identification works for rare medical tools made only of this material. Ancient sources regarding Roman period medical tools were gone through; for the tools whose purposes were not to be found there, they were compared tools in Islamic medical books of 17th-19thCenturies, and speculated on their purposes.  Also, in accordance with their locations of discoveries, the purpose of their structures of origin tried to be determined. Surgeons were also consulted at the analyzing phase; many medical tools whose typology were created for the first time, hopefully will act as an important database for future studies.

ISBN: 9786054701124
2012 - Istanbul
212 pages
Turkish, Detailed English abstract



Studia ad Orientem Antiquum - SOA 1 -
Hittite King Muwatalli II: His Personality and Activities - In the Light of Philological Documents 
Meltem Doğan-Alparslan

It is difficult to explain the reign of King Muwatalli II of the Hittites due to the lack of records dating from his time. For a great portion of Muwatalli’s activities, one must utilize the documents dating from the reigns of kings like Hattušili III or Tudhaliya IV, both of whom ruled after him. However, due to the equivocal nature of these documents, one must also be cautious when studying the events of King Muwatalli. In this study, the reign of Muwatalli II was discussed in every aspect; how his personality shaped the politics of his time, the importance of his religious personality in Hittite history and the contradictive members of his family were all dealt with sophisticatedly. Moreover, his domestic and international political activities, which present his political personality, were thoroughly dealt and many problematic subjects were tried to be explained. Hence, using cuneiform and hieroglyphic documents and by bringing all the information of the King together, it was possible to shed light to many difficult subjects on Muwatalli’s reign. Therefore, it was possible to understand the reasons and results of events such as moving the capital to Tarhunšša and the Battle of Kadeš, make historical reconstruction of the periodand develop a new point of view in the problems of chronology regarding Muwatalli’s activities and offer new solutions.

ISBN: 9786054701117
2012 - Istanbul
230 pages
, Detailed German abstract